The struggle for survival limits their efforts for career advancement

By: Boban Ilijevski

Many people in Macedonia don’t bother to start a career because they have to find a way to survive.

Unfortunately, we as a country don’t have a standard that can give us some comfort when we need it.

Starting a career in Macedonia is still a pipe dream

People have to find a way to survive, and for this reason they’ve to take any job that comes along. Many of them have no chance of becoming CEOs one day – in Macedonia this is very difficult unless their father owns a company.

I don’t know how many opportunities for promotion the workers in the big companies have, and I can’t confirm that. Therefore, I’d like these workers to answer this question.

There aren’t many big companies in Macedonia, so there aren’t many opportunities for career advancement. Most of the companies, that’s 90%, are micro and small.

Considering the business climate in the country, I don’t think many of them are thinking of transforming their business into a medium or large, whilst some of them simply can’t.

The bad bosses are not interested for their employee’s carrier, but the MONEY

Another obstacle in front of career advancements in Macedonia are the bad bosses. They often think that workers need to be grateful for their jobs and that they are not allowed to ask for nothing more.

Do they think that workers are one-dimensional creatures who don’t have other goals in life than to bring profit to some boss that violates their rights? Like the boss who wants the money, the workers want to be able to advance in their careers and to upgrade their skills.

Everything I said so far is interconnected, but it will not matter until the moment the workers have a bigger standard that can allow them to pursue their desired careers.

If the situation remains the same, workers will only think about how to survive with Macedonian wages and prices bigger than those in Germany.

New generations have a new mindset

We have to consider the fact that the new generations which have enter and will enter in the labor market have very different expectations then the previous generations. This means that the bad bosses will have a more serious problem finding a qualified labor force.

The globalization connected us all, and by doing that, young people started to measure their opportunities with those of their peers from different countries.

A friend of mine that works as a career advisor, told me that many young people are turning towards digital professions, and they don’t want to hear about traditional work anymore.

This was expected. The people, especially the young ones had enough of having to survive by working a job that provides minimum wage, that’s not nearly enough for surviving the month.

They want a better standard and a better life as their peers in the Western countries. Young people don’t fall for that “we can’t measure with them” type of excuse anymore.


This is the true picture of what is expecting us in the future. The workforce has decreased, and that will continue in the future.

I predict that we won’t have unemployed people either. The number of unemployed people drops every month, and that’s not because they are finding jobs, but because they are leaving the country.

It seems that this doesn’t bother the Government or the bosses. This conclusion is based on the fact that their approach to the problem is passive.

As I mentioned once before, the workforce is leaving the bad employers. This is a chance for the good employers to take an action and to start attracting the workers that are leaving. If they don’t do that, they will become victims of the feudal bosses’ actions.